Thursday, 1 October 2009

I’m supposed to ask - are you afraid of heights?

That was the question asked AFTER I had taken these photographs.

I was given access to the Cirque Du Soleil theatre at the Tokyo Disney Resort so I could photograph the stage/ arena, training room and costuming for a tale about bringing the second permanent Cirque show ZED to a Disney resort.

I was taken straight up to the top of the building where my first glimpse of the arena was from the roof down amid lighting gantries, elaborate costuming hoists (there are 42 harnesses for aerial performers), rigging and control panels. The entire area was set to show conditions - that is - pitch black - as run-throughs were taking place for the “clowns”, ever popular with Cirque shows. This is some 21 meters above the stage.

As we headed back down the host paused and said - “I’m sorry - we are meant to ask - are you afraid of heights?”

It turned out that my occasional fear of heights didn’t bother me one bit, perhaps because of how amazing it felt to be viewing a Cirque stage from that perspective and seeing the complexity involved in the show.

The tale “Poetry in Motion” - Cirque Du Soleil at the Tokyo Disney Resort features in Issue 15 of Tales from the Laughing Place.

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