Thursday, 5 November 2009

In Spirit... The World Premiere of Disney’s A Christmas Carol

Inevitable, obvious or predictable may have been first thoughts that came to mind when it was announced that the World Premiere of Disney’s A Christmas Carol would take place in London - after all - despite how worldly and worldly-wise the Charles Dickens classic story is, the setting can never stray far from its’ home. 

However, what transpired as promotion for this interpretation of the story cannot fit into those descriptions that begin this piece. In short: One film, the largest ever premiere of a 3D-movie. a world-record attempt at Christmas carol singing-en-masse and the first ever co-ordinated switch on of three sets of Christmas lights across different locations in London. Tick boxes all round.

At night Regent Street, Oxford Street and St. Paul’s Catherdral are currently playing host to “A Christmas Carol” lights - all switched  to “on” consecutively on the Premiere evening of November 3rd by Jim Carrey & Robert Zemeckis (Oxford Street), Bob Hoskins (St Paul’s Cathedral) and Colin Firth (Regent Street). Beyond this premiere, England’s capital has adopted the notion of “London’s Christmas Carol” and despite the use of the film logo and  “Scrooge” graphics  - “Disney’s” is absent from the street decoration.

Regent Street design

Post-lighting the aforementioned stars would gather in Leicester Square where not one, but three cinemas were hosting the film. The central park was turned into a winter wonderland of snow covered trees, snow flurries, a screen that transmitted coverage from the other London locales and “streetmosphere” featuring Dickens’ era Londoners. 

Andrea Bocelli - who performs the closing number of the film - took to a stage and along with the St Paul’s Cathedral choir led the four crowds (Regent Street, Oxford Street, St Paul’s and Leicester Square) in the record-breaking Christmas Carol attempt via the screen (with lyrics, of course!). Bocelli’s “Silent Night” vocal (as well as his other performances) proved to be a highlight for those attending this premiere.

Andrea Bocelli leads the choirs...

... and Jim Carrey joins the choir

Carrey, Zemeckis, Firth et-al would make the rounds of the press and the photo calls with Carrey giving one girl from the children’s choir that performed in front of the photographers a truly distracting moment as he crept around the back of the choir to sing with her to the delight of the fellow choristers.

After all the snow and singing, interviews and photographs the audiences left the park to three of Leicester Square’s cinemas. A little treat was placed on the cinema seats that may have sweetened how they viewed the film - a treat however that could also have them agreeing with the central character’s key phrase: a humbug.

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy

Colin Firth and Livia Giuggioli

Robert Zemeckis and Leslie Harter Zemeckis

Bob Hoskins

Producers Steve Starkey and Jack Rapke

Andrea Bocelli

Oxford Street design

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  1. Sounds a great night, shame I was there the following evening. Thanks for the write up Lynds. Shows they can still work their magic when they want to.