Friday, 15 January 2010

From the Archive: Is it Time to Remember...?

Apologies for making the title a question - and using Is it instead of It Is - but I have never been sure just how divisive the Magic Kingdom’s/WDW’s 25th Castle decoration is.

Among the hordes of cameras I have hauled around the parks over the last 16 years one of my favourites was a freebie 35mm “panoramic”. For the two weeks I spent at the resort in late September early October 1996 (those days are so long gone) I predominately shot in black and white with a few transparency films thrown in. The panoramic acted as a colour reference or reminder and although the image quality is not great I do love the soft focus towards the edge of the shots - something which reminds me of the Holga camera I use today. I have included a couple of the black and whites and also a group shot of the Castle being decorated. Click the photographs to enjoy or not enjoy them - only you can decide if it is time to remember...


  1. I liked the Castle cake during the 25th celebration and seeing these pictures bring back great memories.

    I absolutely love all of your pictures, and it is the main reason I subscribe to the magazine. Thank you for sharing these images with us.

  2. Many thanks for your comments DizWiz they are much appreciated.

    I’m enjoying delving into some older photographs at the moment so there will be more updates like this.

    Issue 15 will be shipping in the next few weeks - I hope you enjoy it.