Monday, 25 January 2010

Tales from the Laughing Place Issue 15 - Out Now

The Little Mermaid - Ariel - opens the new issue of Tales from the Laughing Place magazine as an introduction to the first (of many) looks at the proposed expansion of the Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland. The article looks at the story and designs of the worldwide Fantasyland’s including Disneyland’s New Fantasyland of 1983 through to Disneyland Paris and the emphasis of the storybook approach which is now heading to Florida - albeit on a far far grander scale.

Other tales in the issue:
• we tell the story behind the long-gone introduction to animation film Back to Neverland with director Jerry Rees;
• the development of PhilharMagic with the Senior Show Writer (and saying a fond farewell to The Mickey Mouse Revue in the process);
• an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at ZED - Cirque Du Soleil’s show that performs only at the Tokyo Disney Resort;
• we talk to Imagineering about the interactive games: Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure and Leonardo Challenge (at Tokyo DisneySea) and
• an exclusive interview about the development of The American Idol Experience

Further details about these tales - and others featured in the issue can be found here

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